The Silicon Valley of the East is known for its upmarket milieus and well-heeled citizenry. Like most global cities, the key to unlocking Bangalore’s marketing potential is to be seen around its upscale precincts.

That is exactly what we’ve achieved by selecting bus queue shelters around the city’s high-traffic and affluent demographic zones.

The ratio of backlit and non-lit bus que shelters to other media options distributed across the city of Bangalore is 1:12. This makes it ideal for frequency build up. It enables the client to either drive ad recall or influence the purchase decision of the daily commuters or both.

Their strategic locations, including near prime shopping hubs, arouse purchase intent. The backlit shelters provide high exposure time to the ongoing advertisements thus ensuring an effective brand recall as consumers travel the same route every day – a consumer demographic that is open to visual stimuli.

Not only do they spend a longer time shopping, but are also prone to impulse buying.

Commuter Snapshot