Mumbai’s peculiar corridor-like traffic geography rendered an East-West journey and exercise in time-wasting frustration. Then the Mumbai Metro came along and changed everything. Even media plans!

The Metro has become the megapolis’ East-West lifeline, providing not just rapid, but a clean, premium and upscale connectivity as well. Factors that make it every advertiser’s coveted canvas.

It is setting new standards as a niche media landscape that delivers the triple benefit of Reach, Right Audience and Recall. The average dwell time is over 30 minutes; overall, daily commuter footfalls touch to 9 lacs, with 32 lac unique travellers per month.

Thus, for the smart advertiser, the Mumbai Metro is a fantastic captive environment with fewer distractions than any other media property – hence, an opportunity to deliver a focused message to a targeted audience.

Commuter Snapshot