Closeup crafts ‘Refreshing DOOH Campaign’ in Ahmedabad

13 March 2023

With the constantly evolving marketing mix, renowned brands are adopting new-age advertising formats to achieve their marketing objectives. Amongst various leading category brands, Closeup, a category leader from HUL, leveraged the high voltage media format i.e., Digital Billboards to create a stir in the Ahmedabad market. Planned by Rapport Outdoor, the campaign promoting ‘Closeup Triple Fresh Formula Toothpaste’ has been rolled out exclusively on Digital Billboards, the contemporary media format of Times OOH.

Targeted toward the Youth audience; media planning of the campaign was meticulously undertaken by brand’s team, media agency and Times OOH to plan a precision targeted campaign. Hence, keeping the TG in focus; the digital billboards available at relevant locations situated near Schools, Colleges, Malls, Recreation areas, and gardens were included in the plan for the enhanced focus on the youth. With branding on 25+ large-format digital billboards, Closeup created widespread impact across the city for a month.

Closeup leveraged the complete potential of digital billboards in terms of creativity as the brand played youth-centric videos in 30 seconds slots. Taking inspiration from its mainline communication, Closeup designed a quick and crisp communication storyboard for digital billboards where the product is highlighted with bright creatives and smooth transitions, communicating seamlessly in the regional language.

As a result, the campaign garnered 90+ million eyeballs over a month with 3.2+ million unique reach over the course of the campaign.*

“Closeup is a category leader that aces with its marketing initiatives; having them on board for advertising on the digital billboard certainly underlines the efficacy of the advertising medium. I believe, the agency and the brand have certainly employed the medium most efficiently by tapping into relevant, iconic, and high footfall locations”, shares Anchal Dhawan, City Media – Business Head, Times OOH.

Times OOH offers comprehensive media solutions across Airports, Metro, and Street furniture in India and Mauritius.

Source: *The figures are derived through an independent research agency.