Multipurpose Digital Billboards adding value to Society

10 August 2022

OOH advertising industry has a lot to contribute to the lives of people in terms of adding value & convenience than just advertising space. With the Indian Smart Cities revolution, the OOH advertising business is becoming high-tech in Digital OOH avatar offering various capabilities to provide convenience to the city and its residents.

“City Upgradation in terms of Urbanization, Aesthetics, Amenities & Services is quite quintessential to have an improved quality of life of residents. Digital Billboards format takes an edge in adding aesthetics to the city by decluttering the cityscape. The robust network of Digital Billboards located at important junctions tends to provide better communication solution with clear city imagery”, states Aman Nanda, Chief Strategy Officer, Times OOH.

The rapidly evolving LED hardware technology produces screens merge well with city’s infrastructure, uplift its visual appeal, and offer a new elite avatar. Digital Billboards are manufactured with strong material making them suitable for installation in urban environments. The highly resistant metal frames and LED modules with frontal protection against rain and windy conditions make them the best option for installation in heavily transited areas.

As per Cities in Motion study, more than 2/3 of the world’s population will live in a city within 30 years. This data demonstrates the emergence of optimizing resources to communicate information to people in an efficient and sustainable way. Hence, Digital Billboards become a suitable partner of the municipal corporation.

“Digital Billboards come with an efficient capability to disseminate crucial contextual messages, local or government announcements, or useful details like weather, traffic or AQI updates. The quick and efficient messaging that can be activated within 60 seconds of duration on digital billboards, is quite useful as an emergency response tool during crises with instant display of instructions on emergency response & information about local emergency shelter centres. Unlike static billboards that need designing, printing, and mounting of flexes; Digital Billboards merely require a strong server to upload messages with lesser turnaround time than any other medium”, adds Aman.

The communication designed for a single message generates huge waste material, hampering the initiative to eradicate the use of single-use plastic to safeguard the environment. With digitally transmitted messaging, this new age format leaves no hazardous for the entire ecosystem. Also, the digital billboards reduce fuel emissions from the travel required to put up new physical displays including transportation of materials.

McKinsey Global Institutes named SMART CITIES: DIGITAL SOLUTIONS FOR A MORE LIVABLE FUTURE report states that “smart cities” using the latest digital technologies can improve quality of life by 10% to 30%, resulting in saved lives, fewer crime incidents, shorter commutes, reduced health burden, and lower carbon emissions.

Digital Billboards, a well-lit media, becomes efficacious after sunset with its brightness. It is noted that the light shredded by Digital Billboards ensure the safety of residents with safe mobility, particularly at locations that are dark due no proper lighting facilities. The Digital Billboards can further help with camera installation on them that can be accessed at the time of any unfortunate incident or accident to dig into the details.