Riding the Rails to Success: Bisleri Western Express Highway Mumbai Metro Station Builds Lasting Relationships with Consumers

28 March 2023

Station branding rights, a fairly fresh concept in the Indian OOH market, has emerged as a key branding proposition of advertising and marketing with varied displays, innovation & interaction possibilities. It offers multi-dimensional advantages to the brand. In a city like Mumbai, where there is no dearth of outdoor branding options, Mumbai Metro Station Branding has emerged as an evolved and relevant media format for brands to become a regular part of Mumbaikars and their fast-paced lives.

And knowingly, in order to create their presence, these brands offer some services in tangible & intangible manner to passengers traveling every day via Mumbai Metro One.

Brands promoting Station Branding Rights at Mumbai Metro One has become a Landmark today.

Bisleri, one of the leading beverage brands gets all the credit for decorating the Western Express Highway metro station in a lively & vibrant manner, adding freshness to the travel experience of Mumbaikars. The embellishment of the station with their brand color, theme, and caricature of camels certainly attracts the audience of all age groups, infusing a higher recall brand with multiple exposure.

Bisleri has always been noticed and applauded for its unconventional approach to advertising including on TV & now on OOH as well. The brand has decked up the entire station in its brand avatar which makes commuters feel refreshed and adds happiness to their daily commuting life. Moreover, catching the attention of the young audience finds the entire station quite instagrammable, and posting pictures on social media further amplifies the brand’s presence on online media. The most important contribution Bisleri has made at the Western Express Highway metro station is the availability of clean & pure water through their kiosk along with other famous beverages. In a city like Mumbai, which has humid weather and fast life, the accessibility to clean & pure drinking water is highly appreciated by commuters.

Due to the commencement of the new metro Line 7, the starting station Gundavali, interconnects with the Western Express Highway metro station. As a result, the daily footfall has substantially increased to 53,198 in Feb’23 from 36,620 in Dec’22 eventually leading to monthly footfalls of 1.2+ million. This makes the ‘Bisleri Western Express Highway’ metro station a key landmark The Mumbai Metro Station branding also comes as a smart business move for the brand. With over 18,000 sq. ft. of branding space, the brand smartly presents its complete range of products ranging from beverages to hand purifiers, giving a consistent push to maintain its leadership position in the market.

Western Express Highway station is strategically located. It falls on the major north – south 8 lane western express highway’s arterial road in the city, stretching from the suburb of Borivali to Bandra. Thus the daily Mumbai traveller gets the exposure of the brand without a miss via external Main Station Naming Signage. Underlining the increased popularity of the brand is the fact that everyday examples where localities use the brand name to share their location to meet up.

With a vast majority of eyeballs of metro and non-metro users, the entire Station Branding comes at an extremely cost-effective value for Bisleri at only ₹1.15 per view monthly making SBR the most cost-effective marketing medium. Indeed, the Bisleri brand has garnered exposure and affection from the masses likewise Bisleri Western Express Highway Metro Station has received immense appreciation from its audience.
Station Branding Rights also offer the brand a clean and aesthetically beautiful environment to promote the premium-ness of their brands. Hence, Station Branding Right is certainly a two-way profitable means for brands as well as travellers. With Mumbai Metro Station Branding, brands have the unique opportunity to not just capture the attention of their audience, but to become a part of their daily routines and build a lasting relationship with them.

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