Times OOH Wins Advertising Rights For Chennai International Airport

25 October 2023

Times Innovative Media Ltd (Times OOH), India’s leading outdoor advertising company, has marked a significant milestone with its growth journey. The company is delighted to announce its successful acquisition of exclusive advertising rights for Chennai International Airport across all the terminals. This strategic addition reinforces the company’s commitment to providing a metro airports network that covers all regions of India.

The contract period is for seven years. This property addition further solidifies the company’s position as a dominant market leader in airport advertising.

Chennai International Airport, one of India’s busiest airports, serves as a critical gateway to South India and handles over 18 million passengers every year. Times OOH’s contract covers exclusive rights for all the four terminals. The inventory offering would include multi-media options both inside and outside each terminal. Times OOH will continue on its commitment to providing world-class quality in media assets at the Airport.
This contract acquisition underlines Times OOH’s long-term vision and commitment to delivering high-impact advertising solutions to captivate and influential audience within the airport premises.

Shekhar Narayanaswami, President of Times OOH, expressed excitement about this development, saying, “We are thrilled to embark on this journey of strategic collaboration with Chennai International Airport. It paves the way for innovative, engaging, and memorable campaigns that connect brands with their target audience. It represents a significant transformation in the airport advertising landscape, and we are committed to establishing new benchmarks in this field.”

The partnership with Chennai International Airport further cements Times OOH’s reputation for excellence and innovation in the airport advertising industry.

This development is not only a significant achievement for Times OOH but also a unique opportunity for brands and advertisers. Chennai International Airport serves as a hub for business travellers, tourists, and locals, offering a diverse and captive audience base. This advertising partnership offers brands a remarkable platform to connect and engage with their target market.

With a clear vision for the future and a robust commitment to excellence, Times OOH is set to reshape the landscape of airport advertising in India and beyond.

Times OOH offers comprehensive media solutions across Airports, Metro, and Street furniture in India and Mauritius.