Coimbatore also known as Kovai, is an Indian state of Tamil Nadu, located on the banks of the Noyyal River. It is ranked 17th in Global IT Outsourcing cities and is accountable for 1/3rd of the Indian textile business. It also stands as a popular hub for motor racing in India (housing exclusive Formula 3 Auto Racing circuit), apart from being the second largest software producer in Tamil Nadu after Chennai.

The Coimbatore airport is the 2nd largest airport in Tamil Nadu in terms of passenger and cargo traffic. Coimbatore stands amongst the top 15 Smart Cities by the Government of India and is in the top 10 cities in India which has the large number of start-ups. The city is also known for its immense production of cotton.

Media at the Terminal is strategically located at key touch points to target passengers as they make their way through the airport. The airport offers more than 95 media options including high-impact static media, our recall-building digital screens and videowall together with client sponsorships and activation zones that provide advertisers a unique opportunity to immerse consumers in a 360° brand experience.

High impact static media within the terminal caters to all departing and arriving passengers. Located in the security hold area and near the airport retail, it offers an opportunity to influence purchase at the point of sale.

The digital network at Coimbatore airport offers the opportunity to showcase multiple products and services or create a storyboard to creatively use this frequency media.

Airports offer high dwell time and a captive audience not found elsewhere. Activation zones allow you to engage with travelers at the airports in a way that no other medium can offer!

Large format outdoor media creates a huge impact with travelers arriving or leaving the airport and is ideal to welcome passengers to the city. Other frequency led media like pole kiosks and Free-Standing Units (FSUs) can drive home your message through multiple displays.

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